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Roommate Requests

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Datesort iconFirst NameLast NameCountryGenderE-MailPreferencesPhone Number
2013-06-25David PetermanUnited Statesmalepeterman.10@wright.eduProvince (4 bedroom 4 bath) - rent will be $479/month. I need to sublease my room due to a change in living arragments and I will be responsible for the rent unless I find someone to take my place. Please contact me if this apartment works for you. I would greatly appreciate it. 614-557-1969
2013-04-07DanishKhanPakistanMalekhan.45@wright.eduRent $272/month. Apartment located 5 minutes of walking distance from Campus. There is a vacant room available for anyone who moves in. Feel free to contact me at 9377089471.937-708-9471
2013-04-02MeganHerronUnited StatesFemalejacobs.66@wright.eduI am looking to sublease at the Province. It can be either gender because you won't be living in my exact apartment. When you sublease in the Province you can move into any open three bedroom on the complex. I am moving out of state for military reasons and am need someone to take over the lease from May 1st-August 1st. I am willing to pay your rent for May. The rent is $550 per month. Contact me with ANY questions :)740-403-2526
2013-01-27SwapnilSoniUSMaleswapnil.soni12@gmail.comI am looking for Indian male roommate,apartment is very near to University.Please let me know.You can call me or email me.9376106562