Room Retention

Defer Payment Request

By submitting this prepayment waiver request, you will be eligible for a space in campus housing. Once accepted and signed by the Director of Residence Services or his/her designee, you are responsible for all obligations indicated in the Terms and Conditions for the duration of the Agreement period. Please read all documents carefully to avoid any misunderstandings. The complete Terms and Conditions are now available online, in addition to our downloadable Sourcebook.

What is Room Retention?

Room Retention refers to someone who wants to stay in the exact room and space that they are in now. All students currently living in campus housing who are registered for classes and have no holds qualify to participate in Room Retention.  Students who have holds on their accounts will not be able to participate until holds are removed.

What is Room Selection?

Room Selection refers to the Campus Housing Room Selection in which current residents will have the opportunity to choose their housing assignment online for the 2012-2013 school year.  All students currently living in campus housing who are registered for classes and have no holds qualify to participate in Room Selection.  Students who have holds on their accounts will not be able to participate until holds are removed.

Room Retention Instructions

Room Retention and Pull In Roommates Instructions

All Room Retaining Students and Pulled In Roommates must accept their terms and conditions online during the process for Retaining Students and for roommates being pulled in before they can be pulled in. 

If you want someone to live with you next year in your room, all requests must be mutual and will be verified by UID.

It is very important to follow the steps described.

If you Retain or get pulled in as a roommate you will not be eligible to participate in Room Selection 2012.

If you Retain the Village you will be receiving an addendum in the mail that must be signed and returned to our office for your assignment to be final.  All requests for The Village are pending until the return of your signed addendum.

You will need to keep a copy of your confirmation page to verify accuracy of your request.

Any discrepancies will be verified with your confirmation page.

The steps to Room Retention are easy!

Accept your terms and conditions during the Room Retention process.

Complete the Retaining Students Form Online at

Print a copy of your confirmation page

Would you like to have a friend pull you into their Retained room as a pulled in roommate?  Then you must provide them with your UID and accept your terms and conditions!  The steps to being pulled in as a roommate are easy!

Make sure your buddy that wants you to live with them has completed the Online Room Retention Process at during the week of February 1st  – February 5th 8:30 am to Midnight.

Your buddy must have your UID and you had to have accepted your terms and conditions online.

Your buddy will complete the “Roommate Pull In” process at

Print a copy of your confirmation page for your records.


Room Selection Instructions

- Review your Online Room Selection Time Ticket so you know when you may begin the Room Retention or Room Selection process.

- Make sure your university account is clear of holds and you are registered for classes.

- Log into the Online Room Selection at

- Plan to have at least 3 different ideas on what types of rooms you want to live in.

- You will first accept the terms and conditions of housing and it is suggested that anyone you want to pull in as a roommate does this before you enter the Online Room Selection so that you can complete this process.

- You will be instructed to proceed to the Self Assignment General Room Selection Process.

- Search for the room you want.  There will be a hyperlink in this screen to allow you to view our webpage for housing options. You will have the option to search by Building, Floor, Room Type or Gender.  We suggest that at a minimum you search by Gender, but there will also be a hyperlink with explanations of Buildings, Room Types, Floor Plans and Community Layouts.

- Lock the room you want.  You will be the only person to view the room once you lock it.  A timer will start and you will have the counted down amount of time to decide if that is the room you want.

- Select the bed space you want.  You choose what bed/bedroom you get.

- Select the roommates you want. You will then pull in anyone of the same gender that you want to live with you by their UID.  They must have accepted their terms and conditions of campus housing online in advance.

- Arrange bed space for the selected roommates. You will choose the bed/bedroom that the pulled in roommates want.  Make sure you work out who gets what bedrooms in advance.

- Confirm your decision.  Print your confirmation page.

- Pay Prepayment.  You have the option to pay your prepayment to secure your selection now or at a later time, but before April 1, 2012.  If you do not pay your prepayment before April 1, 2012 your assignment will be deleted.

- You may be asked to fill out a short survey and you are DONE.

Student Classifications

Student Classifications

Your classification for your Online Room Selection Time Ticket is determined as shown below:

Classification Description
GR - Graduate Posses baccalaureate degree and admitted to the School of Graduate Studies.
SR - Senior 135 Credit Hours or more earned.
JR - Junior 90-134 Credit Hours earned.
SO - Sophomore 45-89 Credit Hours earned.
FR - Freshmen 0-44 Credit Hours earned.

The Credit hours for which you are currently registered are not used when determining your Room Selection Time Ticket.

Timeline / Schedule

Room Retention
01/30/2012 - 02/03/2012 Choose Your Same Room
02/06/2012 - 02/10/2012 Choose a roommate
Room Selection
02/20/2012 Students with disabilities begin online Room Selection
02/21/2012 Full Apartment Pull In (ONE DAY ONLY!)
02/22/2012 Graduates/Seniors begin online Room Selection
02/23/2012 Juniors begin online Room Selection
02/24/2012 Sophomores begin online Room Selection
02/27/2012 Freshman begin online Room Selection

What's New?

COLLEGE PARK 2160 will remain as Upper Class Honors Housing

MIXED GENDER HOUSING - We are offering Mixed Gender Housing for first time in our existence beginning next Fall in one College Park Apartment building (to be determined) which must be requested by current, qualified residents during the Room Selection Process.  Residents will not be assigned to this upperclass community without their prior request. This program is designed to be both a safe environment for the GLBTQA community and a place where friends of different genders, regardless of their sexual orientation, are permitted to live together.  Dating and committed couples, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, are strongly discouraged from living together in the same apartment. As you can see on our website, these apartments have four private, lockable bedroom doors and two private bathrooms.  This style of living option is currently available at most off-campus apartments, and we wanted to extend this option to current residents.  There will be one resident for each of the four single bedrooms in the apartment.  Each apartment also has two bathrooms, a kitchen and a combination living room/dining room that will be shared by the four roommates.

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