Meet Our 2014-15 Residence Life Staff

Each year, Wright State University's Residence Life & Housing employs full-time university staff and numerous students to meet the needs of all our campus residents. Representing each housing community, such as College Park apartments or the Woods, resides a full-time Community Director who works with each floor's/unit's Resident Assistant (RA). This team approach is designed to provide residents with the help, encouragement, and support they need to ensure the best of campus housing!

Associate Director for Residence Life: Jennifer Attenweiler

The Woods
Community Director: Kate Page

Cedar Hall

1st Floor: Toshia Johnson

2nd Floor: Travis Sollars

3rd Floor: Bo Whip

4th Floor: Ryan Staley
Oak Hall

1st Floor: Kara Holsapple

2nd Floor:

3rd Floor: Cassidy Shaver

4th Floor: Rickey Fultz

Maple Hall

1st Floor: Jared Rex

2nd Floor: Terri Echols

3rd Floor: Sean Jeffries

4th Floor: Felicia Wilson
Hawthorn Hall

1st Floor: Louis Woodard

2nd Floor: Jessica Daniels

3rd Floor: Daniel Davis

4th Floor: Miranda Whip

Community Director: Wisnu "Wiz" Sugiarto

Laurel Hall

1st Floor: Austin Fitch

2nd Floor: Erica Meadows

3rd Floor: Jeremy Elleman

4th Floor: Ralph McCoy
Jacob Hall

1st Floor: Dakota Johnson

2nd Floor: Blake Keucher

3rd Floor: Kara Dingess
Hickory Hall

1st Floor: Jazmin Collins

2nd Floor: Michaela Schoonover

3rd Floor: Kathryn Doyle

4th Floor: Myia Carr
Pine Hall

1st Floor: Tesla Gray

2nd Floor: Stephen Mathews

3rd Floor: Andrew King

4th Floor: Dimitri Furman
Boston Hall

1st Floor: Nathan Levkulich

2nd Floor: Kamren McNeal

3rd Floor: Emily Fenstemaker

Hamilton Hall Forest Lane Apartments

Community Director: Maeghan Mier

Hamilton Hall South

1st Floor: Daniel Darkow

2nd Floor: Hilary Swinning

3rd Floor: Garrett Dickey

4th Floor: Erica Strope
Hamilton Hall West

1st Floor: Jasmine Spradley

2nd Floor: Jack Chalker

3rd Floor: Traci Strunk

4th Floor: Chad Clayton
Forest Lane


Sequoia: Elisabeth Wise

Sycamore: Jonathan Jacky

Palms: Ciera Bowers

Honors Community

Community Director: TBA

Honors East

1st Floor: Travis Goettemoeller

2nd Floor: Kristina Burris

3rd Floor: Alexandra "Lexi" Heironimus

Honors North

3rd Floor: Abigail Wood

4th Floor: Isaiah Jordan

5th Floor: Alexander Henz

6th Floor: Cassondra Wallwey
Honors West

3rd Floor: Kelsey August

4th Floor: Christina "Joy" Valdez

5th Floor: Mariah Bledsoe

6th Floor: Rebecca Bailer

College Park Apartments

Community Director: Mariann Weiss

College Park
Yellowstone (2120): Brenna Heinle
Teton (2130): Emily Webster
Redwood (2140): Ronald "Lukas" Wenrick
Acadia (2150): Travis Keeling
Shenandoah (2160): Brian Walker
Biscayne (2170): Kellee Farris
Cascades (2184): Andrea Herren
Olympic (2196): Jacob Fishback

University Park Apartments Village Apartments
Community Director: Brian Jackson
University Park

(2060): Cassaundra Willer

(2070): Jessica Stout

(2080): Joe Walker

(2090): Jasmine Shurelds
The Village

(2030): Kamille Harris

(2040): Ishmael McKinney

(2050): Jacob Stites