Marice James
201 Jacob
(937) 775-6222
Why did you choose to be an RA?

I wanted to be a RA so that I can touch the lives of Freshmen and help them through their new journey of life. It’s like I'm their first new friend on the campus, because I'm the first person they meet. Also being a RA really horizon my view of life, I have learn so many new cultures, beliefs, and rituals
What is your favorite thing about living on campus at WSU?

Living on campus could be the best choice a 1st year student makes. I feel it is so convenient to be having access to the campus not even five minutes away. You can roll out of bed 20mins before class and still make it on time compare to a commuter have to leave at least 45minutes-1hour for decent parking. My favorite being on campus is that when I'm studying long hours of the night at the Dunbar Library I could just walk back home when I get tired instead of driving 30minutes away knowing I'm sleepy. It’s a safety issue.