What is a Living Learning Community?

The living learning programs at WSU are designed to offer you living arrangements with other students who have similar goals and to give you the chance to extend your studies beyond the classroom and into your daily experience. Picture of international students with world mapLiving Learning programs provide a bridge between the classroom and outside-of-class life.

Honors Community

  • The concept of the Honors Community is to provide a quality living environment that will allow students to grow and foster in their academic and personal lives.

  • This community was built with the goal of establishing a living environment that would allow students of higher academic success to interact, grow, and develop together.

  • One of our prestigious faculty members has a residence in the heart of the community.

  • Included in this community will be your very own Honors classroom. This room will be used for classes that some, if not all of the honors students, share.

  • The honors community boasts a new kind of student services. Service area plans include a convenient store/deli, computer network help station, and various other student-oriented services.

ECS (Engineering and Computer Science)

  • ECS is the new housing option for freshman majoring in Engineering or Computer Science.

  • EGR 190/191 teaching assistant will be living in the residence hall.

  • Special activities will be available for student to enjoy, including tutoring, special speakers, seminars and help rooms.

  • You will have the opportunity to meet freshman students majoring in engineering or computer science.

Residential Learning

  • In the Residential Learning Community, first-year students take three common classes together (pending outcomes of placement tests) in a small group of no more than 25 (ENG101, HST 101, and UVC101) and live on the same floor.

  • One of your classes, UVC101 will be co-instructed by an academic advisor from University College and a staff member in Residence Life.

  • UVC 101 is a first-year student success course that teaches adjustment to college life, academic success strategies, personal development, and career development. In the WSU Living Learning Communities, it also serves as the course that links the students and their experiences inside the classroom together.