Mixed Gender Housing includes all campus apartment communities, Forest Lane, University Park, College Park and the Village.  This program is designed to be both a place where friends of different gender, regardless of their sexual orientation, are permitted to live together, as well as a safe environment for the GLBTQA community.

For full consideration, each student must complete the Mixed Gender Housing Application and pay the $150 prepayment no later than February 9, 2015.  When completing the application, you will be required to submit your roommate names and UID’s.  After February 9th, students can still submit the Mixed Gender Application and $150 prepayment; however the applications will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis and will depend on apartment availability. 
There will be one resident assigned to each of the two or four single bedrooms in the apartment.

  • The group will share the bathroom(s), a kitchen and a living/dining room.
  • The group must fill the apartment to capacity (two or four residents, depending on the community).  Residents will not be assigned to Mixed Gender Housing communities without their prior request.  If a vacancy results from a student who does not return to WSU and/or campus housing, the remaining resident (s) must identify replacements, or risk losing the opportunity to participate in Mixed Gender Housing.

The style of living option is currently available at most off-campus apartments, and we want to extend this option to current residents, in response to their requests.

For more information, please contact housing@wright.edu

I wish to apply for Mixed Gender Housing in for 2015-16

First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:

I currently live in:
Room or apartment number:
Bedroom (if in apartments):

Roommate request(s) - Please fill out Name(s) and UID(s) below:

(first name) (last name) (uid)
(first name) (last name) (uid)
(first name) (last name) (uid)

Please remember your Requested Roommate(s) must fill out their own Application(s)

I have a physical disability and require an adapted living space

Personal attendant

Assistance animal

Visual fire alarm


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E-mail address:
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Contact Phone: (with area code xxx-xxx-xxxx)

I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions (http://webapp1.wright.edu/housing/pdf/terms1516.pdf). A prepayment of $150 must be paid at the time of application to complete the Room Selection process.  Failure to pay at this on time may result in cancellation of the assignment.  That space may be made available to other qualified residents.
I understand that the Residence Life & Housing can reassign residents as needed.

NOTE: Please print a copy of your confirmation after you submit your Mixed Gender Housing Application.