Improving Student Source Use: An Information Literacy Teaching & Learning Circle—Three monthly meetings.

Thursday, September 12, 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm, in 023 Dunbar Library.

Led by Maureen Barry, First Year Experience Librarian; Mary Lou Baker Jones, Science & Math Librarian; Carolyn Stoermer, Teaching Innovation Coordinator for the Center for Teaching & Learning.

Do your students struggle to integrate appropriate sources into their papers or reports? Do they use only Google or Wikipedia, failing to find a variety of reliable sources? Would you like to create or revise assignments or activities that will help students understand how to use sources appropriately?

Information Literacy (IL), which encompasses the process of finding, selecting, evaluating and synthesizing sources effectively, is an important set of skills that students need to navigate the information deluge they experience daily.

Participants will create new or revise existing assignments to improve their students' information literacy, addressing the specific challenges students encounter in their disciplines.

The topics covered in this Teaching & Learning Circle address multiple elements of the Wright State Core.

This Teaching & Learning Circle is co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching & Learning and the Wright State University Libraries.

We will meet from 4–5:30 on the second Thursday of September (12), October (10) and November (14), 2013, at the Center for Teaching and Learning in 023 Dunbar Library.