TurningPoint Session Management, Item Analysis & Reporting

Wednesday, September 11, 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm, in 023 Dunbar Library.

Led by Greg Asman, Instructional Designer, CTL.

Part of the power of TurningPoint is the ability to gather, aggregate, analyze and share instructional data collected with the clickers from the individual student level all the way through all sections of a course, across multiple instructors or even potentially across an entire college. Learn how to generate item analysis reports, individual progress reports, combine session data from multiple polling sessions, generate tables and graphs from session data and open them in Excel as well as to export data to other tools for progress monitoring, data visualization and storage in data warehouses.

Please note: This session is for TurningPoint users who are already familiar with setting up rosters, polling questions and the clickers themselves and thus those topics will not be covered in this session. Basic spreadsheet knowledge would be beneficial as well since many of the reports express the data via Excel.