SOCHE - Ohio Teaching and Learning Conference

Friday, November 9, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm, in WSU Student Union.

Led by George Kuh, Jayne Brownell, Patti H. Clayton, Michele Cuomo, Tia Brown McNair, Barmak Nassirian and others..

Ohio Teaching & Learning Conference sponsored by SOCHE (Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education): Keynote speaker is George Kuh, Ph.D. Special topics session speakers are Jayne Brownell, Ph.D.; Patti H. Clayton, Ph.D.; Michele Cuomo; Tia Brown McNair, Ed.D. and Barmak Nassirian.

To register for the conference, or for more information, go to the SOCHE Web site.

After you have registered for the conference, please also contact Tina Scarberry, 775-4522, to help her track Wright State attendance. Thank you.